Strucsol UltraBar - Custom Sizes - Strucsol

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Strucsol UltraBar - Custom Sizes - Strucsol

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Product details

At Strucsol we provide the highest grade reinforcing stitching wire- manufactured in the UK out of 304 CU Austenitic stainless steel, unlike lower grade alternatives manufactured from ferritic stainless steel. This means that it has high linear strength and corrosion resistance allowing for consistent maximum bond strength gain when paired with the grout or resin bonding adhesive.

Strucsol Ultrabar can be used with great confidence and durability in areas of High salinity such as costal properties without fear of corrosion or fatigue failure. We recommend the use of Strucsol HS grout for bonding wires in Lime mortar, brick or stone walls where the slower curing times assists in gaining clean installation. However, we recommend the use of Strucsol E.A.S.F resin when immediate full bond strength is required.


  • For repair of failed masonry walls
  • For bonding anchors and fixings in stone, concrete, AAC and brickwork
  • For lintel repair
  • General crack stitch repair

For full information of applications, specifications and on hand support- see our method statements.

Typical Uses 

  • Crack stitching 
  • Masonry beaming
  • Bespoke wall repairs
  • Cavity wall ties and more

5mm bar is used for reinforcement work in thin bed joint masonry.

6mm is the most commonly used and specified material for crack stitching and masonry beaming. 

7mm bar is commonly used for grouted anchors installed through drilled pilot holes in addition to masonry beaming. 

8mm bar is used for masonry beaming and grouted ties, where very high loads are expected 

9mm bar is used for grouted ties and resin bonded anchors where high than normal loads are anticipated 

10 mm bar is used for mechanically bonded anchors in timber and masonry.

Material and Properties

304CU Austinetic Stainless steel reinforcement bar. High Fin Profile for extra Adhesion. Twice cold work hardened for higher tensile strength.  


Wide variety of dimensions available- see options. However, if you need any specific dimensions and lengths we can accommodate this too- just give us a call!

Also available for use in marine environments in 316 grade stainless steel for 20% surcharge- PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY IF THIS IS REQUIRED

If you need any other materials, tools, resources or any advice regarding specific building requirements- don't hesitate to contact us- we'll be happy to help.