Strucsol manufacture, distribute and sell products for the building restoration industry. Strucsol train contractors in repair techniques, Strucsol educate Surveyors, Engineers and Architects in building restoration.

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Crack Stitching Grout Kit

This crack stitching kit contains all the materials needed to create the structural repair of your crack damaged brickwork- please see our repair manu...
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Dust blower

The dust blower is used to remove drilling spoil from drilled holes prior to injecting the bonding medium of grout or resin. It can also be used quite...
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LocTie Auto Tool SDS

The Loc-Tie auto tool is ideal for contractors using Loc-ties on a daily basis. The design of the tool allows ties to be loaded and installed one hand...
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SDS mortar raking chisel

A handy tool for removing mortar bed joints when the only tool you have is an SDS drill. Ideal uses: For removing bed joints in corners where you cant...
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StrucSol Auto Resin Gun

StrucSol Auto Resin Gun **Resin sold separatelyIdeally suited to trades that apply resin on a regular basis, day in day out- this Auto Resin gun is gu...
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StrucSol E.A.S.F Resin

Strucsol EASF Resin is the highest grade rapid setting structural resin available. Unlike styrene based polyester resin, Styrene free Epoxy acrylate r...
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StrucSol Grout Gun Kit

Pro Nozzle OPTIONAL- please add this to your basket separately if you wish to include it- click hereStrucsol Heavy Duty Grout GunA sturdy grout applic...
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StrucSol LocTie tool SDS

Cheap, durable and effective: the LocTie Installation tool fits over the pointed end of the ties and drives it to full depth, countersinking it 10mm b...
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Telescopic Surveyors ladder

A Great Value Surveyors ladder- 850MM Long when closed and 2.6M long when fully open. Extends rung by rung if shorter lengths are required. Ideal for ...
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Timber Frame Wall tie

Sold in packs of 100  The Strucsol timber frame wall tie is available in lengths to suit cavity up to 300mm wide. How to install: The tie is easily in...
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